Hubble Galaxias 2

Colección de Fotografías de Galaxias obtenidas por el Telescopio Espacial Hubble

	Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp 87		Galaxy Triplet Arp 274		Galaxy Abell 1689's "Gravitational Lens" Magnifies Light of Distant Galaxies		Star Cluster R136 in Nebula 30 Doradus		"Polar Ring" Galaxy NGC 4650A: A Disk of Red Stars Ringed By Dust, Gas, and More Stars		Composite Image of Galaxy Cluster MS 0735		Overlapping Galaxies 2MASX J00482185-2507365		Black Hole-Powered Jet of Electrons and Sub-Atomic Particles Streams From Center of Galaxy M87		R136: A Cluster of Massive Stars in Nebula 30 Doradus		N 180B in the Large Magellanic Cloud		Star Cluster NGC 265		Hubble/GALEX/Spitzer Composite Image of M81		Hubble Interacting Galaxy Arp 148		Section of M51 with Progenitor Star		Starburst Galaxy NGC 1569		Spiral Galaxy NGC 3370		Hubble NICMOS Mosaic of the Galactic Center		HST-Spitzer Composite of Galactic Center (Full-field)		Gravitational Lens Captures Image of Primeval Galaxy		The Tadpole Galaxy: Distorted Victim of Cosmic Collision		The Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy		ACS Image of NGC 5866		Happy Sweet Sixteen, Hubble Telescope! - Starburst Galaxy M82		Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218's "Gravitational Lens"		The Antennae Galaxies/NGC 4038-4039		Dusty Spiral Galaxy NGC 4414		Warped Edge-On Galaxy ESO 510-G13		Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 1161898		Hubble's Largest Galaxy Portrait Offers a New High-Definition View		Barred Spiral Galaxy COSMOS 2607238		The Core of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31)		Spiral Galaxy NGC 4622 Spins "Backwards"

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Las fotografías del Hubble que se muestran en estas páginas son ofrecidas a través del portal : HubbleSite
Los créditos de las fotografías son:  NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI)